Microsoft fired 18,000 employees - Cell phones

The CEO of Microsoft Sobel about the plans of the world's largest software maker to abandon redundant workers. Such counted 18 000 - about 14% of the entire state. The resignation will become the largest in the history of the Corporation.From 18 000 jobs that are planned to reduce, 13 000 will be eliminated in the next six months, according to a letter Nadella workers. 12, five hundred people will be dismissed From the division of Nokia Devices and Services, which the American Company acquired last year. That is, in the foreseeable future will lose their jobs presumably every other employee of the Department.Microsoft expects additional setrate in the amount of $1, 1bn to $1, 6 billion in connection with the necessity of payment holidays, benefits and other compensation to redundant employees. At the same time, Nadella emphasizes that the planned development of new jobs in other parts of the organization. Читать полностью -->

Motorola will return their smartphones on the market of the Russian Federation - Cell phones

Cell phones under the brand name Motorola, which is not officially sold in Russia for several years, will again appear on the shelves of Russian outlets. This will be maybe after termination of the agreement for the acquisition of the American organization of Chinese IT giant Lenovo.About the planned resumption of the supply of motorolas in the Russian Federation said in their Twitter Marat cancer, head of public relations of the organization Lenovo in Russia. Remember, in January of this year it was announced about the fact that Lenovo acquires Motorola Google for 2, $ 9 billion. This week the deal, after approval by the antitrust authorities in the U.S., EU and other countries, was closed."we wish to NG, but rather, immediately after the NG will begin to deliver Motorola to our market," wrote Rakai in his own microblog. The spokesman did not specify which models will be presented in the Russian Federation. The most interesting of topical products Motorola are plantation Google Nexus 6, "smart" watch Moto 360, as well as a couple good budget models - Moto G and Moto E.Lenovo hope that the acquisition of Motorola will enable China to become the third producer in the world of smartphones after Samsung and Apple. Читать полностью -->

Researchers: gyro smartphone gives you the opportunity to listen to the host - Cell phones

It seems that "Big Brother" users of modern smartphones can not escape. It turns out, to hear the human voice, you can simply reading oscillations with built-in smartphone gyroscope.An unusual way of listening found Experts on computer security from Stanford University in cooperation with their Israeli colleagues. It should be noted that it is still recognized as "removable" with gyroscopes speech extremely low, in the speech of users able to hear only a few words. Not always possible to separate one person's voice from another, and the sex of the speaker can only guess in 84 percent of cases.Anyway, some practical use of the new technology is already At the present time. For example, listening smartphone hackers have the ability to easily hear the called user numbers. So, attackers have the opportunity to learn passwords, credit card numbers and so on. Читать полностью -->

Chrome for Android has started to give answers in the search hints - Cell phones

In the mobile Chrome browser for the Android platform has emerged is an experimental feature that provides instant answers as you type a question into the search box. They appear in the menu autocomplete, where Google offers different types of queries. So, you can see the weather, historical dates, and other useful data.The new feature is not that useful against the assistant Google Now. Anyway, she will be able to be at hand when the user wants to get a quick fact about something, without switching to another application and not waiting for page load issue.Instant Answers while working in test mode. To enable them, you need to run Chrome on your mobile phone, enter Chrome: //flags in a new tab, find the "Answers in sentences" (Answers Suggest in), click on the drop-down list and select "On" (Enabled). Will the new feature, standard, unknown.. Читать полностью -->

Media: the new iPhone will present September 9 - Cell phones

Apple has scheduled a presentation next smartphone (and maybe not only) new products for September 9. About it independently from a loved one say edition of the wall Street Journal and Re/code.The date is consistent with the tradition that Apple pursued in recent years to introduce the next iPhone in the first part of September, two weeks before the start of sales in the United States and several other countries. It is planned that the Company will show two models of smartphone, called the media iPhone 6 - screen with a diagonal of 4, 7 and 5, 5 inches. Apparatus certainly get a fresh, faster 64-bit processors A8.First appeared information that the Russians this year we will have to wait for the start of official sales of the iPhone in Russia is not so long. According to sources close to the Russian office organization, at this time Russia will be "2nd wave" of sales of new products. That is the "official" iPhone 6 will appear on the shelves just weeks after its debut in the United States.This year, according to rumors, Apple posted record-high order on fresh iPhones and start mass production in advance, which will give the opportunity to defend the deficit. Читать полностью -->

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