Huawei has opened in the Russian Federation pre-orders for 8-core plantation - Cell phones

Chinese manufacturer Huawei began to take in the RF pre-orders for Ascend Mate7 - 6-inch plantation with eight-core processor. New much more expensive than expected - almost 30 thousand Rubles. for "normal" model (2 GB of RAM", 16 GB flash drive) and about 32 thousand for the premium package (3 GB RAM, 32 GB of built in Golden housing and supports 2 SIM cards.As stated in the press service of the organization, Ascend Mate7 already available on the official Internet representation Huawei. Deliveries will begin in early December. Available colors: silver, black and gold.News. Staff met with the novelty of the exhibition IFA in Berlin. Читать полностью -->

Different versions of Windows will merge into one - Cell phones

The CEO of Microsoft Sathya Nadella officially confirmed his intention to unite all major versions of Windows in one universal operating system. A single platform can be installed on different devices - computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets."This means that one operating system will fit all screen sizes," said Nadella during the conference call, and in the past we had several teams on different versions of Windows. Now we have one team with a common architecture. This allows us to scale and to create a universal Windows application". According to the head of the organization, it is expected as well as among them to join the app store, the platform for developers and Commerce.Anyway, Microsoft will continue to sell different "editions" of Windows, as well as among them professional Windows Pro or Windows Enterprise for cheap devices is closely related to the search engine Bing. But inside, explained Nadella, they will be more similar to each loved one, than to vary.Microsoft made the 1st step to integrate Windows into one "OS" at the Symposium 2014 BUILD in April, announcing a generic application. Читать полностью -->

Google introduced the 1st finished prototype "guglomobilya" - Cell phones

Google has completed the development of the first fully working sample of your "car of the future" is a stand - alone machines, which do not need a driver. If shown in may correspondents car was not even headlights, today's "guglomobil" already looks ready.According to the authorized Google may in the organization worked on several prototypes of machines, each of which was worked out different systems -- brakes, sensors, Etc. Now the results of these experiments are brought together. Significantly, for example, that block the sensors on the roof has become more compact and Now resembles a siren of car emergency services.That was one of the early models of "car of the future", which correspondents showed in may:It is fully working prototype "guglomobilya" today:The resulting vehicle will be tested during the Christmas holidays and in the coming year, Google nourish hope to hold its validation on public roads. Driving the car just in case the driver is that in case of emergency provisions to take control on their own shoulders.. . Читать полностью -->

Officially announced "Vinton" at the base of the HTC One M8 - Cell phones

Taiwanese Company HTC has announced a new version of its flagship One M8. Its parameters and appearance will not be different from the current model, on the contrary in the form of operating system will be Windows Phone 8. 1 Update 1.A new version of the flagship in the near future will go on sale in U.S. stores mobile operator Verizon for $ 99 (with the conclusion of a two-year contract for service connection). When and at what price the device will reach the Russian market is still unknown.Remember that the HTC One M8 was announced in March this year. The original version of the flagship working on place-based OS Android 4. Читать полностью -->

Wunderlist 3: the most powerful list Manager is fully updated - Cell phones

The firm 6Wunderkinder has released a major update of the app Wunderlist, which is used for the organization's Affairs in a convenient lists, organize tasks, create memos and orders. Version 3. 0 differs from the previous "fresh" design, higher download speeds and a new feature - public lists.Now, clicking on the Publish button (" Publish" ), created a list can be put in the public domain. By analogy with notes in Simplenote, to open it will be possible for any user with whom you shared a link.The essence of innovation is to make Wunderlist is a real platform for the exchange of lists. It allows 8 million people registered for the service, not only to the personal scheduler (to buy or to do something), but also to share with each other any practical instructions in the spirit of How-to, recommended reading list books, the best places in the year, hit-parades and the like. Then the developers want to add Wunderlist search functions the most popular and useful lists.As can be seen from the description of Wunderlist 3. Читать полностью -->

Forgotten covenants jobs: 5 principles that yielded Apple Cell phones

This year, the Apple Company can launch a new product - the "professional" model of iPad tablet with a screen 12, 9 inches. Giant device, prognoziruyut analysts, with almost a hundred percent chance you will need the stylus, in order to effectively use the whole display area. If Apple really decides to equip the "pill" this accessory, it will go against the will of Steve jobs, who considered computer pen anachronism.The co-founder of Apple not only flouted the styluses, but also called 7-inch plastiki "stillborn" product, doomed to failure, and categorically rejected the possibility of increasing 3, 5-inch iPhone display. Anyway, since in 2011 at the helm of Apple rose Tim cook, the Company has renounced some of the principles of its founder. News. High-tech remembered commandments of Steve jobs that Apple is already broke.StylusJobs hated styluses. Читать полностью -->

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