Apple has launched an online version of their maps to search for "iPhone" - Cell phones

The company Apple, which is almost two years earlier did not want from Google Maps in iOS 6, replacing them with his own, launched a web version of the maps. They are now available for service Find My Phone to iCloud. Com, which helps to establish the whereabouts of the i-device.Find My Phone remained the last service, which Apple used a competing solution. In 2012, remember, the Google Maps app was "expelled" from iOS 6. Also "six" lost YouTube.The new program, however, was met by a barrage of opponents from users who were dissatisfied with the fact that step-by-step navigation is working correctly, and maps often is outdated names. It is believed that because of the scandal with the "Cards" was sent in the resignation of a top Manager of Apple Scott Forstall responsible for the development of iOS. The CEO of Apple Tim cook himself has apologized for the shortcomings in the application, and since then, the Firm continues to improve.Suppliers of cards in iCloud. Com are TomTom and dozens of other partners of Apple. Anyway, the manufacturer of the i-products continues to use Google Maps on its Internet office, noting the location of retail outlets Apple Store. It is possible that soon the Company will replace the cards.In September last year the team cards Apple has posted job applicants which will design, develop, and maintain complex front-end code for a new secret project". Part of it was supposed to be "advanced web platform". Until now it remains unclear that wants to make Firm: replace Google Maps in applications, as was done with the Find My Phone, or run a full web version of maps..

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