On the Internet there are photos of the iPhone 6 in original packaging - Cell phones

Live photos published in weekend the British edition Techradar, for the first time depicted has not yet announced the iPhone 6 in original boxes. The magazine claims that the materials obtained from one of the testers Apple.If you believe the images, the appearance of the packaging of the iPhone 6 in comparison with the previous year, when they came out the iPhone 5s and 5c, has not changed - by itself. With the exception of images of the gadget. The shots also featured the phone itself, apparently, with screen sizes of 4, 7 inches.Techradar emphasizes that the magazine had carefully studied the EXIF data sent photos and footage on the subject of "photoshop", but nothing suspicious noticed. At the same time, it is unclear why the shots never appears back side of the device, which is often applied configuration information, certification marks, Etc., This may mean that we have before us in reality carefully crafted "self-made" box and one of the prototypes of the device, a photo of which has long been strolling through the pages of Internet publications.Remember, the presentation of the next flagship smartphone, Apple is expected to take place on 9 September. In addition to the new Moodle with a larger screen 4, 7 inches it is also possible announcement 5, 5 inch "plantation" and wear of the device, most likely smart watch.With the approach of the expected date of announcement information (as well as informal) about the iPhone 6 is becoming known more and more. Here you can read about what a smartphone is the camera, and this link is about a unique technology, which may be, will give the ability to perceive individual objects on the screen of the device.In addition, it is possible that in Russia this time the novelty will appear in the official sale almost immediately after the US release..

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