Apple will spend a record amount on the development of the data center - Cell phones

The Apple company is going to spend $ 2 billion to develop a new high-tech data center. This investment will be the largest in recorded history of the organization.Due to these money the manufacturer re-equiped iPhone and iPad ruined factory for the production of sapphire glass in Arizona in the most advanced data center in the world." This project is ogromneishee investment from all that we have ever done," said Commissioner Apple. Investment is 10 years and the service life of the data center Appointed in 30 years. He will be responsible for data transfer of all services Apple, including iTunes, iCloud and Siri.The data center will need more than 650 employees, which will ensure its functioning. However, in contrast to other data centers, the project Apple will be the greenest in the world - in practice all his energy, he will draw from the powerful solar panel system.Remember, before Apple was planning to build Arizona's largest factory for the production of sapphire glass. However, the Company GT Advanced Technologies, which volunteered to implement the project and concluded with Apple multi-year contract for production and delivery of sapphire, eventually failed with the organization of production and gave a message about bankruptcy.For comparison, the $ 2 billion - presumably the same, how much is the annual budget of Moldova, substantially more than the annual budget of Mongolia, approximately two times larger than the budget of Tajikistan..

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