Microsoft invests in the development of " alternative Android - Cell phones

Microsoft has found an original way to compete with Google. As it attempts to compete with Google Android with Windows Phone as long as remain unsuccessful, the Corporation decided to invest in developers an alternative modification of Android, CyanogenMod.Remember, leaders Cyanogen not so long ago publicly revealed his intention to make a variant of Android, completely independent from the dictates of Google. " currently Cyanogen depends on Google, but in the future this will not be. We will cease to be dependent on Google for 3 to 5 years," promised the head of the organization, Kirt McMaster.Now that Cyanogen does not appear to be issues with the financing of their grandiose plans. As informs referring to the sources of the wall Street Journal, the Company is preparing to bring a new round of payment of about 70 million dollars. One of the investors will perform Microsoft. The previous round of payment took place at the end of 2013, then Cyanogen Inc. Attracted 23 million dollars.As experts suspect the venture capital market, Microsoft, albeit minor financial compels us to think of many that the Corporation focused on the acquisition of Cyanogen in the future, if the thing with Android without Google" will be something worthwhile. This would allow the Corporation to receive the Commission's own mobile OS, compatible with hundreds of thousands of existing applications and does not depend on competitors.Considering how most manufacturers of smartphones in the last period of time unhappy with the policy of Google, "transplant" them "alternative Android" will be quite simple. The market share of CyanogenMod in this case could quickly exceed 3%, which currently stalling Windows Phone.Remember, CyanogenMod source was a project of a small group of enthusiasts, who decided on their own to improve Android. They did offer the result of their labors as an alternative "firmware", which, in the presence of certain skills, you can install on your smartphone with Android. Now the state organization employs nearly 80 people, in addition, own contribution to the development of CyanogenMod contribute about 9 000 volunteers enthusiasts all over the world. According to McMaster, "alternative Android" used on their phones about 50 million people. Last year the firmware for the first time appeared as a regular on the popular smartphone models - the Oppo N1 and OnePlus One..

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