Glasses Google Glass confiscated from sale - Cell phones

The company Google announced stop sales of smart glasses Google. The story is about "testing" the model of the gadget (Explorer Edition) that application developers could be purchased for $ 1,500. In the Internet search engine revealed that the test Explorer, launched in 2013 in the US and the UK, will also be closed.Starting next week, Google will stop taking orders on the Glass, however, will continue to provide technical support to consumers who have purchased the smart glasses. Termination of sales, According to the authorized Google, linked with the desire to focus on "future versions of Glass". the organization confirmed that they still see a futuristic device in the form of a consumer product.According to the BBC, will be made and some personnel changes. So, team lead Glass from the secret Google X lab, and to report they are now before Tony Padella head Nest, a developer of home automation, which is an Internet search engine acquired in 2014.Augmented reality glasses Google Glass that connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth, were announced in June 2012.. Instead of glasses have tiny transparent screen near the right eye, which occasionally seem toast (" card" ): Gmail emails, SMS, news, weather, route, and others. The accessory is able to search with voice on the Internet, flip through photos, and to perform simultaneous translation from one language to another. In October 2013, Google introduced Points of the second generation: they are compatible with conventional lenses, and instead of dynamics they have a mono headset..

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