Developed zoom lens that will fit into any smartphone - Cell phones

Smartphones is not the 1st year, you can take pictures of excellent quality. That's the only (except for a few massive and cumbersome models) manufacturers have never managed to put in a slim lens with optical zoom, allowing you to zoom the objects in the frame without loss of quality.Start with the name DynaOptics wants to eliminate this disadvantage. His engineers had to invent how to make a lens with asymmetric optical zoom, which would be possible without questions to place in a slim smartphone.If the standard lenses of the lens to bring the object to move along one axis, causing the lens extends. In creating DynaOptics asymmetric lens closer to or delete an image, moving in relation to each loved one in different directions, but in the same plane.The company has unveiled a prototype of its lens last week in the framework of start-up accelerator StartX, based at Stanford University. Engineering samples of the lens will be ready for display manufacturers of smartphones in the beginning of the coming year, and in mass production they are able to do by the end of 2015..

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