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At the exhibition CES, held in early January, the Firm Dell has provided the XPS 13 sample 2015. Novelty immediately attracted the attention of the extremely narrow bezel around the screen - 5, 2 mm, for which he was awarded the highest praise. We read the reviews of the apparatus in foreign media and found all of his strengths and weaknesses.Common to many observers opinion is that Dell maximum close to outperform the MacBook Air, has long been considered the "standard" ultrabook. According to the columnist of the wall Street Journal Jofri Fowler, 1, 2-pound model of the XPS 13, "dressed" in the case of aluminium, which was machined, and carbon fiber, effectively uses the space. The apparatus Dell is not only compact: a framework around it 13, 3-inch display is so small that it seems there are none. Notebook Apple, compares Fowler, frame three times as wide.Couldn't hide her excitement from "infinite" screen XPS 13 and the CNET editor Dan Ackerman. According to his statement, Dell was able to fit a 13-inch panel in case the same size as a 12 or even 11-inch laptops." The bezel around the screen is so narrow that the edge has Not been designated for webcam - she had to slide under the screen, in the lower left corner. When communicating in Skype inconveniences do Not occur, however, your partner would rather see the ceiling than the wall behind, told impressions Ackerman.Michael Prospero from Laptop Mag also awarded XPS 13 praise, calling it if not the most lightweight and thin, it is definitely the most compact 13-inch laptop. On the table he takes the same space as the options screen 11". moreover, according to Dell, the new 23% less than the 13-inch MacBook Air. With a weight of 1, 27 kg XPS 13 bit easier "MacBook", but heavier than the HP EliteBook 102 (1, 22 kg) and the Lenovo Yoga 3 (1, 18).The company has not forgotten about the other main components of the "perfect" laptop. The screen resolution XPS 13 even in the basic configuration is 1920x1080 pixels against h the Air. Older model XPS, which is equipped with a touchscreen that boasts even higher resolution - h pixels. Ackerman, which tested the new Dell most complete, explained " clear and bright picture with excellent viewing angles.As Prospero said about the screen: "I was quickly absorbed them, watching HD trailers ' the Avengers: Age of ALTRON' and ' Man-ant'. moreover captures not so much the screen, but the lack of frame - Vsplanet the feeling he ' floating' in the air". anyway, today laptop with vysokochetkoe panel is hard to surprise. the 13-inch Lenovo Yoga Pro, for example, has the same resolution, But in some 15-inch models it sostavit 4K (3840x2160).In the simplest configuration, the XPS 13 comes with Intel Core i3, 4 GB RAM and SSD-drive capacity of 128 gigabytes. One of the features of Dell laptop that he's one of the first to receive Intel chips 5-th generation (Broadwell). Soon similar starts to appear in the products of many manufacturers, including Apple. In CNET compared the Core i5-5200U c clock frequency of 2, 2 GHz (in XPS 13 ultrabook в„ў with touch screen for $1399) with other 12 - and 13-inch models and came to the conclusion that Dell laptop slightly, but ahead of the competition. The latest Intel chip is faster than the Core M and Core i5 from last year Y-line, but the difference between itself and the Core i5 4th generation (as in Surface Pro 3) almost there.Approximate the same numbers came Prospero. In his test, Geekbench 3 laptop got 5653 points - much more than the EliteBook (3814) and the Lenovo Yoga 3 (4571), which uses low-power chip Core M. MacBook Air also uses the Core i5, but the latest generation behind your Dell laptop literally a little (5393). In General, the filling XPS 13 (this includes integrated graphics HD 5500) too weak for modern games, but more than enough for any casual and business: working with Office, streaming HD video, easy video editing.As posted Ackerman, autonomy XPS 13 presumably the same As the MacBook Air. Playing video in a circle, the laptop lasted 7 hours and 2 minutes, As the Surface Pro 3 or 13-inch HP Spectre X2, and 90 minutes longer than Yoga 3 Pro. In Prospero, who tested the same model, the battery lasted for 7 hours and 24 minutes (web surfing via Wi-Fi when the screen brightness of 100 nits). It's half an hour longer than offers HP EliteBook Folio 2020 (6: 49) and the Lenovo Yoga Pro (6: 29). The base model XPS 13, which has no touchscreen, and the screen resolution is lower, it will last longer. The Fowler laptop has worked for 12 hours in normal use.Works XPS 13 "Cupertino", barely audible. As was written by the Creator of Windows Central Daniel Rubino, Dell laptop quieter than Yoga 3 Pro chip Core M, and thus practically not heated. And Prospero don't feel so: he complained that while watching video on the Internet "bottom" XPS 13 basking very noticeable.Thin keys on the keyboard island type are highlighted. In contrast to many Windows laptops, the XPS 13 does not suffer from laboursaving trackpad, emphasizes Fowler. The new Dell touch pad is covered with glass, and she clearly responds to any "taps" and pressing. Prospero also liked quite a large touchpad (h mm), which is well accepted by the Windows 8 gestures. 1. Anyway, scrolling with 2 fingers is not as convenient as the Air - maybe it's not hardware, and software.Other disadvantages XPX 13 correspondents identified the lack of Ethernet port (you will need a USB adapter) and HDMI, so you can, For example, to quickly connect To the TV in peregovory". It does not add the device Dell points, if you treat it as a business laptop. In addition, the device works on the Windows 8 operating system. 1 with the classic desktop and "tablet" interface with "tiles", and the younger model XPS 13 touchscreen deprived. Windows version 10, which is much better suited for these laptops should be out before the end of the year.According to the Fowler, the XPS 13 has the best performance, portability and battery life than the MacBook Air. Needless to say, as long as long as Apple does not impress the new "MacBook" that may happen soon. Highly assessed the novelty and Ackerman, noting that the underlying model in terms of price-quality is second to none.Sale XPS 13 in the United States has already been started. New from 799 dollars (for the version with Core i3 and 4 GB of RAM ) to $1899 for the "fancy" model (QHD display , Core i7, 8 GB RAM)..

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