EveryKey: smart bracelet, which will replace the keys and passwords - Cell phones

The vast number of smart bracelets tied to tracking the physical activity of users. However, many people data on the number of covered steps uninteresting. Once they created a universal key EveryKey.The bracelet Can be connected to any is equipped with a Bluetooth device, then there is no need to input password. Using EveryKey you Can unlock your phone to log in the browser, on the Internet representation and so on. You can configure the authorization to access the site will not work, even knowing the password, if in the area, no Bluetooth bracelet.Developers hope after its release, braclet will be possible to deeply integrate with other devices. For example, by setting in a private residential location, smart lock, it will be possible to unlock it without taking the keys.EveryKey supports Windows 8. 1, Android 4. 4, iOS 7 and iOS 8. Browser device "friends" with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Now developers are raising money for execution on the platform Kickstarter. To buy a novelty for pre-order for $ 50. Retail EveryKey will be 100 USD for one thing. Battery bracelet will work on during the month..

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