Google Now has learned to control the weather in the home - Cell phones

Google Now for iOS and Android has received a new feature. Now users have the ability to set the temperature in the house?, equipped with Nest thermostats, using voice commands. So, Google has become a participant of the program "working with Nest".Before the owners of the Nest thermostats already could observe the temperature using voice commands, but for this they had to open a special accompanying the application.Now the user only has to open the Google app (on Android devices it is often preinstalled by the manufacturer and is activated by a gesture from the "Home" key ). Moreover, the user can simply enter a request to change the temperature in the search bar of the browser Chrome.There were also special "cards" Now that allow you to automatically adjust the temperature in the house depending on the location of the user (for example, to set the desired temperature in advance, when a person comes to the house)..

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