Pavel Durov saves Telegram from shareholders Vkontakte - Cell phones

Deprived of observations on Vkontakte and CEO, citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis Pavel Durov now seeks to protect from disgruntled shareholders of the social network of its new development - a Telegram messenger. To save project from the claims of his Fund UCP Ilya Sherbovich, team Durov laid out in the App Store a new messenger for iOS - Telegram HD.The new product contains a number of innovations compared with last renovated in March Telegram Messenger. Telegram Messenger, remember, was posted in the AppStore On behalf of the organization Telegram LLC, which is currently controlled opponents Durov. But the new Telegram HD was posted already Telegram Messenger LLP. On behalf of the same organization, by the way, laid out in the Windows Store beta messenger Telegram for "infonow", the recently registered Android application. The official Internet-portal of the Telegram now refers to a new iOS application Telegram HD as on the official.The transition to a different version of messenger does not threaten the user losing contacts or history of messages that provided by the features of the Protocol Telegram. Telegram HD in comparison with the earlier received support iPad, group chats (Broadcast Lists), large photos, animated gitk and localization in Dutch and Portuguese. Support of Russian-language interface of the messenger is still there.Remember, Durova and his team had to release an app in the new packaging and on behalf of the new organization because of a conflict with the Fund UCP, one of the 2 largest Akihiro "Vkontakte". Spring controlled Ilya Sherbovich the Fund bought a number of organizations, including Telegram LLC, partner Pavel Durov Axel Neff. Then Fund asked in a persistent form to give the messenger under the supervision of "Vkontakte", because Durov as if the resources used social networks to harm her for the creation and development of a new project.Passwords to "old" Telegram in the AppStore came to UCP, because this app has not been updated since March. Durov, as they say, "Vedomosti", filed in the new York lawsuit accuses UCP fraud, extortion share in the Telegram and needs to return him 3 sold Neff Russian Foundation organization: Telegram LLC, Digital Fortress and Pictograph LLC..

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