Google has started to expose the issue of censorship in the European Union - Cell phones

In may, the Highest court of the European Union has ordered Google on demand users to delete from the search results data, which denigrated them contains incriminating data and violates the law on privacy. The execution of the complaints, the biggest Internet search engine launched this week.About the loss of your content from Google's search results have already told English media - for example, the BBC and the guardian. Removed references to publications 2010 about Scottish football referee the Arc MacDonald, who decided not to assign a penalty in game between Celtic and Dundee United", and the story about how the French workers adorn the Windows of their offices adhesive stickers Post-It.In addition, the censorship was subjected to article 2002 of the Field Baxendale-Walker, which at first was charged with fraud, but acquitted after, and 2007 on the Stan' Neil, former head of the Bank Merril Lynch, whose actions have harmed his organization. To file a complaint (it is enough to fill in a form on the website) and to remove the reference to negative information about yourself can any citizen of the European Union. Apparently, this took About' Neil, as the material mentioned his name.For reviews of correspondents, the law on the "right to be forgotten" Right To Be Forgotten) fact has led Google to censor because the materials disappear from issuance without judicial review.Resource owners that were hosted on remote content, the Company sends a letter: "I must tell you that in response to certain search queries in the European versions of Google we, unfortunately, is no longer entitled to display the following page from your website". Links can be detected through the international version of Google. Com, but users from EU countries will not see them..

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