Skype Qik: new videomessage from Microsoft - Cell phones

Microsoft's proprietary famous video service Skype is from the outset a "desktop" application for this reason it is quite uncomfortable on smartphones. To keep up with Viber and other competitors, Microsoft has created a simple mobile application to send messages with the name of Qik.The program at the same time came out on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Microsoft has tried to make the most of simple, using the ideas realized in the other from the very beginning of mobile messengers. Registration in the program is by phone number - you can chat with friends from your address book.The program will encourage the user to be the maximum laconic. The maximum length transmitted in Qik videos is 42 seconds. First, it would encourage users to be concise to be able to say all the important information in one message (supposedly works the same concept as in the Vine). Secondly, it is possible to reduce the amount of data transmitted.Microsoft stresses that a 42-second video, recorded in Qik, it will "weigh" supposedly 5 megabytes, which does not much, even if you do not have an unlimited data plan on your mobile phone. The program has received a clean and simple look with big round icons. The implementation of these rollers recalls how this is done in instagram (especially due to the fact that the application makes clear the rollers square format).It supports group chats - your video can at the same time to share with 10 friends. Working the program quickly, though not literally without problems. On my iPhone the app several times flew immediately after recording the video. It is hoped that these unpleasant things will fix in the next update.Another drawback is that the video messages are stored for 2 weeks and then removed. Microsoft claim it's done to make users feel more at ease and was not afraid to show emotions in their own video. However, the author of the review it seems that it's done just in order not to overload the server surround videogame users.Another disadvantage is obtained by Qik video cannot be downloaded to the phone. Taking into account that in two weeks it will be deleted, count on it as a means of preservation is Not necessary. Not suitable Qik and "churinga" first recorded videos - download videos from the phone memory cannot. It also severely limits the field of use of the program.And finally, an important drawback of the application stems from the ease of registration. Considering that the program is tied to the phone, on a tablet without a SIM card it work will not (unless you install it using your primary phone - but then you will not be able to install Qik on it).Very pleased that the program since its launch, fully translated into Russian language. While recording video, you can besprepjatstvenno to switch between the main and front camera, so that will show not only themselves, but what is before you.But the most cool feature that allows you to record harvested five-second video, which will play the role of a kind of emoticons. You have the ability to record videos with your emotions or quick answers " I'm busy, I'll write later," and so on. This will enable you to answer in a few taps, without being distracted by the video recording is fresh and fun idea.In General, the application quite liked the most of simple, intuitive and clearly "viral". Not enough is that integration with the main version of Skype. If Qik you can send video messages to people in Skype and Vice versa, the program would become a real "must-hawam". still downloading it, you will discover that none or almost none of the friends she does Not use..

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