Apple sold a billion iOS devices and broke the record of "Gazprom" - Cell phones

The company Apple in November 2014 sold a billion iOS device. About it, communicating with investors and analysts on the results of published reports for the last quarter, said the head of the organization Tim cook. In addition, the Company broke the historical record quarterly profit, previously owned by "Gazprom".According to cook, dollar gadget on the "Apple" mobile OSes (counting May lead since the first iPhone released in 2007) became the 64-Gigabyte iPhone 6 Plus. The firm bought "jubilee" device "memory" and now keeps as a souvenir at its headquarters in Cupertino.Before Apple reported financial results for the first quarter of 2015 fiscal year (4th calendar quarter of 2014). The firm made a profit of 18, 04 billion dollars, which was a historical record not only for Apple, but for the entire global business. The previous record quarterly profit, if we are to believe the corresponding page in Wikipedia, was 16, 24 billion dollars and belonged 2011 Russian "Gazprom". More detail on the financial results of Apple can be found on the Internet representation " To the Economy.".

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