Sony will reduce the range of smartphones - Cell phones

For the Japanese Sony fell on hard times - the manufacturer suffers serious losses. Expensive products can not withstand the competition from cheaper Chinese electronics. To become profitable, Sony decided to abandon the production of different models of TVs and smartphones.Bet Sony are doing on the development of the game console PlayStation and manufacture of sensors for cameras. Now smartphone business is one of the main sources of losses of the organization. Sony revealed that they are ready for a significant reduction of its share in the mobile market in order to make the business more profitable.What model of Sony smartphones is going to take off with production, is still unknown. One of the main sources of income for Sony should be the digital distribution of content for PlayStation, selling different subscriptions and consoles themselves. Remember, Just recently on this same path I had to go to the Korean Samsung. The company announced about plans in 2015 to reduce the range of smartphones presumably by 30 %..

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