SSL was found dangerous vulnerability - Cell phones

Employees found in Google cryptographic SSL 3. 0 critical vulnerability. Using it, zloumyshlenniki have the opportunity to intercept sensitive data, as well as among them cookies, e-mail, information about Bank accounts online banks and otherMistake, called Poodle (" Poodle" ), is an obsolete standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which provides an encrypted connection between the client and the server. Although SSL version 3. 0 was released in 1996, but she'd come TLS (Transport Layer Security), "three" until now used in many modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox) and web servers for backward compatibility. On inaccurate estimates, over SSL 3. 0 is about 1% of the total Internet traffic.Potential victims of the attack are the users of old browsers. Anyway, the Poodle is not so terrible as Heartbleed - "hole" in the cryptography package OpenSSL, which put at risk the safety of hundreds of thousands of servers worldwide. In the case of the Poodle hacker you want to have access to the Internet connection between your browser and the server. Such an attack can be executed, for example, if the user is connected to an unencrypted access point Wi-Fi in cafes, metro and other public places).Large IT companies are already engaged in solving problems. Google announced that they will remove support for legacy SOFTWARE. Mozilla has promised to deactivate the Protocol in the next version of Firefox, and Microsoft has released a recommendation to consumers to disable SSL 3. 0 for Windows PCs and servers..

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