"Smart" watch LG with a round screen was the most expensive Mobile phones

Became known the price of the smart watch LG G Watch R, caused after the announcement of great interest because of its stylish appearance and round the screen. The manufacturer assessed the novelty will go on sale in South Korea in the coming days, 352 000 won, which corresponds to 328 USD.This makes the device the most expensive gadget on the operating system Android Wear. For comparison, the first model of smart watches LG, G Watch, "put" Google was valued at U.S. $ 230. However, watch Apple Watch will cost even more expensive - from $ 350 for a simple model in an aluminum case with a plastic strap.LG G Watch R has a circular screen (diameter 1, 3 inches), produced by OLED technology, providing excellent visibility from any angle and even in bright sunlight. May be it is because OLED technologies (in contrast to "cut" from the bottom of the screen, Moto 360) screen G Watch R was able to take all 100% of the area of a circle.LG G Watch R work on the Android platform Wear (read the link for our full review), and can withstand immersion in water to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. The device is placed in a frame of stainless steel and comes with a strap (remanufactured) from natural calfskin. Outwardly, most with the default theme, LG G Watch R much more other models on the market similar to a normal quality watches average price level..

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