The electricity in your pocket: 8 original laptop batteries - Cell phones

We live in a time when it is critical to stay in touch. No time razryadivshijsya smartphone or laptop can cause many unpleasant and disturbing situations. We have studied the market external battery and filtered out the most interesting options.UltrapakA significant problem external battery is that many people are just too lazy non-stop to recharge. When every night to charge it is necessary to put the smartphone, tablet and laptop, to find free space for the battery is able to be not so simple.The main feature of Ultrapak is a high-speed charge kit. External battery can be fully charged from the mains in just fifteen minutes. The developers claim that charging Ultrapak is 8 times faster than competitors ' solutions.The capacity of the battery in relation to nevelika - 3000 mAh. However, it must suffice to fully charge the smartphone. Average tablet battery will add about 40% charge. The device is of medium size (10, 16 x 5, 3 x 1, 8 cm), weighs 128 grams, has a built-in flashlight. The cost is about $ 60.There is also a version of 10,000 mAh. This amount will be enough for it to three or four times to charge the average smartphone. Or This will be enough for one cycle for the tablet. Full charging of the battery takes an hour and a half (which is also very fast). The charge level and the time remaining until full replacement is displayed on the integrated screen. The older version Ultrapak has a right 2 USB outputs, giving you the ability to charge two devices at the same time. The cost will be about $ 100.An important disadvantage of the models (which, apparently, is derived from their main advantage) is a non - standard charging cable. If it gets lost or fray, it will be necessary to order a new brand. This can be long and expensive.Power Xtra External Battery PackLooking for a stylish gift for a loved one who quite likes soda and periodically pours it in the bag, Sataplia your electronics? Note the Power Xtra. This is one of the few waterproof external battery. Besides, he has a very funny appearance in the form of small bottles of soda. The volume of standard - 6600 mAh, two charging smartphone will suffice. Voltage will be enough to charge tablets (2, 1). It is a pleasure rather expensive - $ 160.Prestigio Power BankThe manufacturer of this gadget has a focus on reliability and safety of use of the battery, which can be extremely useful in the harsh Russian conditions.The battery is resistant to shock and other external influences, because it is enclosed in a sturdy aluminium casing. The manufacturer promises that the battery is not prone to memory effect and will not lose capacity even if not used properly. Battery good job in terms of temperature and in practice does not lose voltage as they discharge.There are two USB outputs for simultaneous recovery charge 2 devices. The power button is combined with an indicator showing the current battery status and charge level. The device is available in 2 variations - with a capacity of 4000 mAh and 8000 mAh. The cost is around 1500 and 2000 rubles.RAVPower Luster GoldThis battery can be a good and inexpensive gift for stylish girls. It is the size of a lipstick, beautiful and Golden. Capacity, of course, small, but, for example, the iPhone 5S with this tool you will be able to consider 6 hours more - that is, one way or another, will be out before the end of the day. More and many do not. Is this "lipstick" fifteen dollars.Gmini Stone MPB562Probably the most stylish in visual terms the battery from all represented in the survey. The developers have done it in the form of a piece of sea pebbles - this rounded stone that Russian travelers love to bring home with Turkish banks. The floor is slightly rough and very pleasant to the touch. Other features of the handset.Looks very cool and interesting. Specifically the actual battery izgotovleny Samsung, and at the same time, the appearance and "wrapper" answered Gmini. The battery capacity of 2600, 5600 or 8400 mAh. Sample prices - 1300, 1600 and 2000 rubles.IconBit FTB26000MBut what If the charge does not require a smartphone and a laptop? By itself, this also have different solutions. For example, IconBit FTB26000M - powerful battery in a metal case, which weighs about 600 grams. If you agree to carry this excess weight, you get 26 000 more mAh. For example, the iPhone 5S from this battery can be recharged 17 times.But, of course, it is mainly used for charging laptops and tablets. In the kit to the battery you will receive a large number of adapters on a variety of laptop models (except, perhaps, charging for MacBook - this is due to restrictions from Apple). The maximum current is 3, 5 A. of course, you can charge and tablets. The average value in Russia, according to Yandex. Market, 4300 rubles. But you can reduce the costs and to order abroad.PowerPlant Charger s23000Not so designer delights, but quite functional external battery 23 000 mAh. Full works At temperatures down to -10 degrees. It has built-in solar panel, which compensates for the inherent batteries self-discharge. If you hold the battery under the bright sun a little longer, it can even be a little charge.

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