Technics will start the music portal super high quality Cell phones

All audiophiles will remember Technics brand, under which was produced musical equipment Hi-Fi level. Recently, Panasonic has decided to revive the famous brand, releasing Not only fresh radio, online music store super high-quality.The new project will be launched after a few months, in early January 2015. All the tracks on the Internet representation will be encoded in FLAC format with 24-bit "resolution". It does not compress the files as it makes MP3 or other traditional formats, while maintaining a wider frequency range than conventional CDs. On high-quality headphones or speakers FLAC will show where the best sounding, which is obliged to satisfy audiophiles.From the beginning music store Technics will be available on the European market. In America, remember, is already available service Pono, launched by musician Neil young. He also sells high-quality audio in FLAC format.The last musical Electronic device under the brand name of Technics (turntable) was released four years ago, in 2010. In 2015 Panasonic wants to start selling Hi-Fi equipment under the brand name of Technics..

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