Portable refrigerator raised a record amount on Kickstarter - Cell phones

Portable mini fridge Coolest Cooler has become the most funded project in the history of social investment platform Kickstarter, surpassing the smart watch Pebble Entrepreneur Ryan Grepper from the United States was able to collect on the implementation of his ideas almost 10 million five hundred thousand dollars. It was supported by nearly 50 thousand people.Until the end of the campaign is little more than 2 days. At the beginning of Gripper was planned to involve in the manufacturing of refrigerator "only" $ 50 thousand. However, the Coolest Cooler so interested Internet users, that during the first 4 days they transferred him to 3, $ 2 million.Coolest Cooler than the mini-fridge, incorporates everything you need for a picnic - blender, flashlight, bottle opener, wheels for easy carrying. Also provides storage space for plates and Cutlery, removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker and built-in USB port for charging your smartphone.Pre-order the Coolest Cooler you can make from $ 165. Delivery is expected By the beginning of next year. By the time they enter into the open sale refrigerator would have cost More than $ 300..

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