"Photo frames coming" looking for support on KickStarter - Cell phones

Digital photo frames long been sold in stores, but they can hardly be called a truly useful device - a clumsy slide show on the screens are not the greatest quality, have the opportunity to meet is that unassuming customers. Anyway, in the short time frame, it seems, can become part of the new trends in interior appearance. The project "future frames" already compete for investment on Kickstarter.Project 2 Framed. 0 already managed to collect the required sum of $ 75,000, although until the end of the campaign there is still almost a month. The device is a LCD display, which is planned to be used as a substitute for the paintings.The device prints on high-quality screen different artistic masterpieces, also it is able to work in mirror mode, because it has a front-facing HD camera. With its help it is possible not only to look at his reflection, but also to manage unusual "frame" using gestures.In the accompanying smartphone app the user will have the ability to upload different pictures, schedule change images and so on. The developers are doing a great emphasis on "social" component of the display of art - they are developing a digital market paintings, in which the authors will be able to exhibit their work for purchase by users. The novelty will be available in 2 versions - size of 24 inches and 40 inches. For the 1st Developers want $ 400, 2nd - $ 1,500.At the same time with 2 Framed. 0 money on the platform collects project E01 - 23-inch matte full HD screen with Cortex A9. The device supports not only static images, but different java scripts, as well as the GIF format (immediately reminded of the moving picture from the "Harry Potter" ).The device is able to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and show pictures from the online repositories of art - for example, from the registry of the new York public library or from specialized web site. To observe an unusual photo frame is offered with accompanying apps for iOS and Android. The novelty has already collected half a million dollars of investments (target 25 000), in addition to the campaign, there are still fifty percent months.It seems that users are seriously ready to return to the house translated into electronic form frames in uvelichenim scale. And in the truth whether the image on the screen is better than a printed picture or photo is an issue on which it is hardly possible to give an unequivocal answer. Anyway, Kickstarter users have already paid for the embodiment of both projects..

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