Wikipedia can now be edited with the iPhone - Cell phones

Ogromneishee online Encylopedia Wikipedia has released the edited app for i-devices. It has changed both externally and internal, and began to load faster. Code mobile Wikipedia has been rewritten from scratch.The previous program was created by HTML, JavaScript and CSS using an open framework PhoneGap and really acted as a "wrapper" web version. Code new "Wikipedia" written in "native" for many iOS applications programming language Objective-C that allows it to load less data from the Internet.A new approach was reflected in the interface, which has become more simple and straightforward. A field for entering search queries ceased to be a non-stop sight - now it expands when clicking on the icon with the magnifying glass. To share an article, click on the icon in the lower right corner. And to jump to a particular section, it is enough to push the side menu, as the Android version.One of the key functions of the application was the ability to make edits specifically with "iPhone". To do this, open the material that you want to edit and click on the icon of a pencil. The entrance to the system to perform optional..

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