Oppo teases new smartphone with rotating camera - Cell phones

Chinese Company Oppo has posted in the social network Google render has not yet announced a smartphone N3. The new model, like the N1, will receive the rotary photo module, which will give the opportunity to shoot in practice every angle." Pocket that can hold the lens and dual flash, is styled "under the skin" - as the back cover part of the Galaxy devices manufactured by Samsung.The rest of the "back" of the phone look like plastic, and its body is covered with a metal frame. It may be that the teaser sealed alternative packaging apparatus, as in the Oppo first confirmed that N3 will be released in 2 versions: stainless steel and alloy of aluminum and lithium.The official Presentation of N3 is scheduled for Wednesday, October 29. A press conference will be held in Singapore."Cameraphone" tipped 5, 9-inch screen (1080p), the latest chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and 3 gigabytes of RAM. 13 - or 16-megapixel camera apparatus with a dual-led flash), according to one version, will be able to rotate around the axis 206 degrees.The first Model in the series, N1, was announced in September 2013. She received the innovative "eye" on the hinge, made of 67 different components. It was also stated that N1 is the 1st Android smartphone, dubbed the optics of the six lenses. New sold for 570 dollars. Model number N2 Oppo for unknown reasons, decided to skip..

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