Instagram got "swarkestone" filters - Cell phones

The social network instagram continues to improve. The service has acquired five new filters, support slow (so-called slow motion videos. Also, instagram has learned to adjust the perspective of the frame.Fresh filters Is Slumber, Crema, Perpetua, Ludwig and Aden. The hallmark of the new color "lenses" was their softness. They do not change the picture too much and is designed to improve the image remaining ratio is invisible. This is because the first generation of filters in the social network appeared in the times when the quality of the mobile camera was in relation to low - their main task then was the smoothing of the disadvantages of the picture. Fresh same filters are rated, most importantly, work area with high-quality images.While instagram has taken care about the fact that the user is not confused about the variety of options and was always able to quickly find the desired color effect. For this reason it was possible to arrange the filters, change their color. When this icon of each filter is Now a blurry preview of the processed pictures - so you can instantly figure out how the picture will look after applying the filter, not sorting them manually..

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