Navdy projects applications in car windshield - Cell phones

American startup Navdy started taking pre-orders on the same projector with a HUD display, which displays on the windshield of the car different data - current agility of movement, travel route, incoming call or SMS. The device connects to the onboard computer and syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth.Truly, Navdy is a small Pico projector at the base Android that displays a transparent image in front of eyes. Its peculiarity lies in the presence of infrared camera and microphone. So, users have the ability to control the phone by using gestures and voice commands, without removing It from pocket or handbag.All information is displayed on a split screen. For example, when a call or SMS Navdy will show the client's name or the text very close to the route. If led will want to answer the call or read an email, it will be sufficient to give a voice command or perform a gesture.Novelty can be ordered for $ 299. By the beginning of 2015, it will go on open sale, the price will increase to $ 499. The product in its final form, however, so far no one had seen. Simpson showed the media only pre-production prototype, and he was not connected in the real car..

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