The creators Blackphone was going to release "cryptoplasm" - Cell phones

Manufacturer of Silent Circle After the smartphone Blackphone, protected from eavesdropping, wants to release a tablet. According to co-founder of John Kallas, the new product should be out "soon".Blackphone, released in June 2014, allows you to make calls, send and receive SMS, share files and watch the sites with protected mode. This "tube" is compatible with any GSM carrier. The equipment consists of 4, 7-inch HD screen with IPS-matrix, 4-core chip NVIDIA Tegra 4i with a clock frequency of 2 GHz and 1 GB" of RAM".Kallas said that Blackphone is sold "very good", but his fame is limited by the specificity of the smartphone." We expect, because this device will be a niche, but that niche is growing every day," said he.Also the co-founder of Silent Circle hinted at plans to release new models Blackphone. Maybe some of them will be designed for a wider audience." Blackphone in the form in which it is at present - this is our first but not the last device," said Callas.Data encryption in Blackphone, remember, provides a modified version of Android PrivatOS. The "OSes" includes applications, applications such as Silent Phone, Silent Text, Silent Contacts, which will help to hide your calls, SMS and contacts from intelligence (however, if your partner also enjoys Blackphone). The Google smartphone deprived..

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