Russia may become the first country earn network 5G - Cell phones

Chinese manufacturer of Telecom equipment and smartphone Huawei announced that in cooperation with the Russian MegaFon started work on the creation of a nationwide cellular networks 5th generation. The first coverage 5G have the opportunity to earn in the Russian Federation by the world football Championship in 2018.Huawei and MegaFon promise that 5G networks will be possible to watch streaming video without waiting for buffering to decrease the load on the network and decrease the delay in signal transmission. The organizations agreed that the Experts MegaFon will be able for the first time to participate in the creation of standard communication and affect its technological features, on the basis of Russian realities. For its part, Huawei taking into account the recommendations of "MegaFon" test pilot equipment of the new standard on the network operator.It is planned that the testing 5G will begin in Russia in 2017 year and the beginning of the world Cup in 2018 will have several working areas of coverage in the cities, where the scheduled matches. It will be possible two years before the planned implementation period 5G in other countries, which industry experts expect to see only in 2020.First, remember, Huawei has invested several million pounds in the research center of 5G networks in the UK, where their deployment is expected by 2022. On the Islands of Japan and South Korea, where innovative cellular networks often appear in the 1st and foremost, the introduction of 5G is expected in 2020 year..

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