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Wireless stereo headset AfterShokz Bluez 2 is not user provides a barrier from the outside world, and, leaving the ear open, transmits sound vibrations through the skull bone directly to the inner ear. My impressions of this unusual device is ready to share the News. High-tech.The product range of the American organization AfterShokz wireless stereo headset Bluez 2 is not the first device, which was found using the bone conduction technology. During the last period of time, most mentions of it was connected with such worn gadget, Google Glass. However, this technology is not new and was already noted in some other extravagant solutions. For example, in 2007 the Korean Company Pantech has built into their phones-" clamshell" KDDI A1407PT special dynamics that allowed you to hear calls through the bones of the skull.To test the existence of bone conduction is very easy. To do this, just plug the ears, and then begin to talk or chew. Sounds that can be heard through the vibration of the cheeks are transferred to the lower jaw and, eventually, reach the inner ear because of bone conduction. This phenomenon also explains for example why the man his voice is reproduced in the record, it seems to outsiders. The fact that the inner ear perceives not only the Sounds that came through the ear to the ear drum, and So on, but those fluctuations, conductor (or rather, resonator) For which the steel bones of the skull.Target audience headset (or headphones) that uses bone conduction, it is, of course, not only citizens with hearing impairments. Such devices, for example, will be useful to all those who enjoy active outdoor pursuits - walking, running, Biking, Etc. speaking one of the road users in a dynamic urban environment it is important to hear everything that is happening around, not to become the victim of an accident, and you yourself don't lose touch with the outside world. Your audience will find such apparatus and in the office, as they help to keep the ear open and immediately respond to requests colleagues, phone calls, landline phones, Etc. while continuing to listen to interesting podcasts or favorite hits.Technical parametersModel: AS500Speaker type: inverters for bone conductionFrequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHzThe sensitivity of the speakers: 100 /-3 dBMicrophone sensitivity: -40 /-3 dBBluetooth Version: 2. 1 EDRCompatible profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFPThe communication range: 10 mBattery type: Li-ionWork time: 6 hoursStandby mode: 10 daysCharging time: 2 hoursColor: blackWeight: 41 gramsThe appearance. DeliveryOriginal Packed the kit, except for the wireless stereo headset Bluez 2, also includes waterproof case for its storage, USB-to-microUSB for charging, adjustable garter elastic strap, reflective stickers and instruction manual.As for the strap, it's recommended for people with a small head size, on which the headset sits very securely. Well, reflective sticker, no doubt, will be useful to all those who are accustomed to listening to music on Biking or other training in the dark.The housing of the device, is made of black plastic, looks very modern and stylish. Outside is glossy (and quickly covered stubborn fingerprints), but its inner surface is mostly pleasing soft-touch coating, by the way, very pleasant to the touch skin. The appearance model Bluez 2 closely follows the classical design of its predecessor Bluez when the headband (headband) is placed on the neck, and not on the back of the head as a conventional headset.The speakers should be placed on the face (cheek) bones in front of ears, not on them.Converters has received the conductive pad of a special form. The manufacturer emphasizes moisture, or rather, photostationary used design.Basic controls are assembled into a single unit and from the back of the headband (as it was in Bluez) moved to its left side.Here, for example, are: alarm led, power button, closed slot with microSD card slot and volume rocker.Another key is called a multifunction button (MFB (Multifunction Button) -- located on the outer side of the left speaker. Its name is probably connected with the fact that in the previous model Bluez button was on the right speaker: one to control the music, the other calls.In addition to "talk" microphones such stereo headset is also equipped with additional microphones for effective noise reduction. In the first model Bluez loud music and words of the person on the phone is easy could hear nearby citizens. Partly this problem in Bluez 2 now helps to solve new technology LeakSlayer.With ergonomics in Bluez 2 all right - inconvenience or discomfort, even if it is long wearing not Vsplanet.How it worksBefore you begin you will need to charge the headset. To do this, hidden under the cover microUSB port you need to connect the supplied cable, or USB port of computer or charger. When filling out the battery led changes color from red to blue.After charging comes the turn of linking the headset with a smartphone (or other device) via Bluetooth. This requires a press and hold (approximately 5 seconds) the power button that headband. First will come the voice letter "Welcome to Bluez 2" and then "Pairing" at the same time with this in flashes of the led starts to alternate red and blue. A successful result will mark the phrase "One Device connected" and the blue color of the indicator. In the future, the binding process will be faster and the power button will need to keep just a couple of seconds.Special software for Android and iOS could simplify the communication with the headset. At the present time All manipulations are only certain combinations of keystrokes, and feedback used sound and light signals, and voice support. So, for example, when managing music press the MFB button once causes the playback or pause, twice to skip to the next track. To accept or end a call also momentarily press the MFB button, but to reject the call, it must hold for 2 seconds. All the available commands for Bluez 2 are listed in the supplied operating instructions. By the way, the technology of voice escort AudreySays can inform not only about connecting with a smartphone via Bluetooth, but also about the battery level.If you go beyond the range of the wireless network (10 m), Bluez 2 is disconnected from the mating apparatus. After returning to the range of the Bluetooth connection is automatically restored. However, If the time off has been more than 3 minutes, you will need to press the MFB button again to restore the connection with the paired smartphone.As Bluez 2 uses the standard Bluetooth protocols 2. 1 EDR, this headset is compatible with a huge number of devices, besides regardless of their operating system.Work offlineCapacity built-in Li-ion battery Bluez 2 is not officially published (in the previous model was installed battery, 250 mA*h). Time battery life in music mode - not more than 6 hours. Standby mode test failed, but according to the manufacturer, it is up to 10 days. Well, for 100% filling of the battery 2 hours is more than enough (from the charging apparatus often enough and half an hour).Buying, conclusionsExperience AfterShokz Bluez 2 is ambiguous. On the one hand, this is a very convenient device that allows you to gain an extra pair of ears, leaving the natural auricles free. Possible application scenarios (certainly not all), mentioned above. In addition, stylish look and an unusual way of wearing this headset for someone can have a value and position of the image. Because of the dynamics of the headset is very close With his ears look strange, like goggles resting on his forehead.On the reverse side, an avid music lovers are unlikely to satisfy the sound quality of this device. Despite the stated frequency range, juicy (not "bone" ) bass in the spectrum, it is clearly not enough. Moreover, at high volume levels significantly felt the vibration of the speaker is feeling, frankly, not very pleasant. And the sound is clearly audible to everyone who is nearby.Is AfterShokz Bluez 2 just $ 100 (99, 95), which translated into rubles in recent times, it was literally a little. Now, buying this unusual stereo headset, most likely, it will be necessary to better align with the current exchange rate. We Express our gratitude to the store Medgadgets. EN for giving us a test sample device..

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