People from Nokia make your own modular smartphone - Cell phones

Modular smartphone from Google with the name of Project Ara has been a lot of noise. No sooner had " smartphones-designers coming into the market, as they already have direct competitors. The draft smartphone Vsenn makes a promise to strengthen competition in an emerging market.Smartphones Project Ara required to enter the market in the coming year. At the same time, the Internet has announced the release of a new smartphone named Vsenn. Founded the former project Manager software Nokia X.If Project Ara is required to submit to the maximum available apparatus, Vsenn will play in the more expensive category. A new Electronic Device Firm analyzed in 590 dollars. The parameters of the device promises a very impressive: in the form of display used 4, 7-inch panel with a very high pixel density (469 pixels per inch). The device is very compact - 127, 3 x 64, 9 x 8, 64 mm. That is, the phone will be significantly thinner than the Project Ara (12 mm smartphone).The user will have the ability to change the modules of processor, RAM, camera and battery. The appearance can be changed by using different interchangeable panels. To work the novelty will be at the base Android manufacturer has promised to release updates to the OS for 4 years after launch. Also Vsenn makes a promise users the maximum data privacy due to the special system encryption..

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