"the murderer of chamboko" from HP was more expensive than expected - Cell phones

Unverified information about the fact that the new 14-inch Windows laptop HP Stream will be sold at a sensational for this size screen price, directly competing with the traditionally cheap devices on Chrome OS from Google, did not materialize. The company has installed on it a half times higher price than expected - not $ 200, and 300.Remember, information about the new "leaked" on to the Network from the official online representative of the manufacturer in mid-August. HP Stream received 14-inch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and chetyrehjadernyj AMD A4 Micro-6400T with a frequency of 1, 6 GHz. RAM in the new 2 GB. On the built-in memory available to 32 gigabytes (should take into account that Windows 8 itself. 1 takes about 12 gigabytes). When you desire, you can pay extra for the drive 64 GB. Memory can be made wider by using SDXC card.The laptop is 18 mm thick (like the MacBook Air at its thickest part of the body) has three USB ports, HDMI output for connecting an external monitor and webcam. Sound answer four dynamics, there is support for Beats Audio, but the sound of the fan you will not hear - power efficient AMD chip does not need it. The device works on Windows 8. 1 and provides access to cloud services of Microsoft, literally as chromebook tied to Google Drive. Microsoft gives customers new free 100 GB cloud storage OneDrive for a period of 2 years.Cost 300 dollars, by itself, does not make the device expensive, But on the market there are Windows laptops with a lower price, for example 250-dollar (and fifteen 6-inch) Acer Aspire ES1 or 200-dollar (but with eleven 6-inch screen) ASUS EeeBook X205. Similar to the characteristics of "Hambali" have the ability to cost 250-350 dollars. However, the inability to apply on Chrome OS, the usual Windows applications makes them more attractive for many users and, thus, there is still the chance the new product from HP even with the price at $ 300..

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