Wireless artificial eye will begin testing in humans - Cell phones

Australian scientists from Monash University in the coming year will begin clinical trials of the wireless bionic interface that will be able to transmit signals directly in the human brain, bypassing the optic nerve. So, the ambitious development will give the opportunity to observe the outlines of objects even totally blind people who have damaged not only the retina, and optic nerve - the channel through which signals from the eye are transmitted to the brain.Artificial eye, created by Australians, consists of 2 parts. The first is a tiny chip, which is implanted in the brain. The second external sensors that are able to make glasses with built-in digital cameras. The signals from the sensors to the chip (i.e., To the cells of the visual area of the cortex) are transmitted via a wireless connection directly, bypassing the retina and optic nerve.As expected, laboratory of bionic interface will begin in 2015. They will be carried out with the funds received from entrepreneur Mark Besana and Chancellor of Monash University Alan rip. Each of them had donated 1 million dollars. One million dollars will provide the University itself..

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