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At the end of September in Russia started selling the first fitness bracelet, created in the organization Huawei. In addition to the typical for such a device functions, TalkBand B1 can serve as a wireless headset. News. The tech decided to test the usability of such a scenario in practice.Technical parametersScreen: 1.4 inch OLEDInterfaces: Bluetooth 3. 0, NFCCompatibility: Android 4. 0 and above, iOS 5. 0 and aboveSpeaker/microphone: include (1/2)The vibro-motor: there areFeatures: dust tight and waterproof (IP 57)Sensors: accelerometerBattery type: Li-ion, 90 mA*hMaterial: silicone, plasticColor: black, white, grey, green, aquamarine, Burgundy-redDimensions: 247, h, h, 6 mmWeight: 26, 2 gramsAppearanceThat is a fitness bracelet TalkBand B1 consists of 2 parts - strap and capsules Bluetooth module screen, where the main electronics. The device comes in several colors, as well as among them: black, white, gray, light green, aquamarine and purple-red. For the production of strap selected touchable silicone, which, as noted, not only photostacy, but also hypoallergenic. Anyway, the manufacturer warns that if you wear the bracelet, you will feel discomfort or skin irritation, you should stop wearing this device and to schedule an appointment with the doctor.On the grooved top strap has a special recess (cradle) with hard plastic insert for capsules Bluetooth headset and a metal clasp in the form of 2 figural pins. On the opposite end of the strap with holes hidden USB connector to connect to the appropriate port standard charger device or computer. This is a very convenient solution to protect adapters or special charges. Note that the proper installation of the capsules in the cradle accompanied her light vibration. You should be careful when choosing a strap as an option with six holes of small to large male hands.The bracelet has two small buttons. One that side, switch on/off (For this it is necessary to hold More than 3 seconds), another task that is from above, extract capsules out of the cradle. The design of the Bluetooth headset is typical of such devices and includes: side button that allows you to accept, reject or end a call; speaker; two microphone (speech and noise), as well as 5-pin group To communicate with strap bracelet. The speaker is provided with a removable silicone ear cups with a small bow, serving For a reliable hold the headset in the ear.The outer part of the capsule is entirely occupied by a curved, 1, 4-inch screen on the place-based OLED-matrix. The functionality of the display is minimal, as it plays the role of a monochrome display, displaying letters, numbers, and icons (including animated). To read such simple data will not be difficult even in bright ambient light.Note that the design makes it possible to protect the device from dust (IP5x) and water (IPx5) and short (30 minutes) diving to a depth of one meter (IPx7). So that the device can not shoot in the rain, washing hands or in the shower. However, for fitness bracelets such protection is rather mandatory option, rather than a competitive advantage. The total weight TalkBand B1 is 26, 2 grams, the headset capsule has 9, 4 grams, and strap - 16, 8 grams.Work offlineCapacity built-in Li-ion battery TalkBand B1 is 90 mA*h According to the received information of the manufacturer, this is enough for 6 days offline or up to 7 hours of use in talk mode. If the wireless Bluetooth connection is disconnected, the battery in the standby mode will last for two weeks. Well, to fully charge the battery from the USB port will take about 2 hours. Note that for such a small capacity battery this time seems disproportionately long.How to useFitness bracelet works not only with smartphones at the base Android (version 4 or above. 0), but with iPhone (iOS version higher than 5. 0). That is, in contrast to products from other parts of the known manufacturers, Huawei TalkBand B1 in its compatibility is not confined only to the devices under the same brand. The list of tested devices can be found on the Internet office of the consumer. Huawei. Com, but more likely, he's incomplete. For example, there were no Google/LG Nexus 5, although the fitness bracelet willingly worked with him.So, first you want to match the existing smartphone with TalkBand B1 Bluetooth. You can go the usual way, that is, to include in the system settings option, Bluetooth, and when the display will appear the list of available devices, choose "Huawei B1". If your smartphone supports NFC interface, the task is easier - just bring the capsule against the NFC antenna (the area on the rear panel of the device is often marked with the same logo). Next, the pairing process will automatically (including Bluetooth). In the case of failures, you should make sure that the NFC option is activated in the settings of the smartphone.Note that TalkBand B1 supports profiles make and receive calls - HSP (HandSet Profile) and HFP (Hands Free Profile), as well as streaming A2DR (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), which is available for the Bluetooth interface in practice any smartphone.For further work with a fitness bracelet should be installed on your smartphone from the Google Play app Huawei TalkBand. The interface of this software is quite simple and understandable. In the settings" gear" in the top right corner) adjusted the user's personal data that you enter when you first run this app, and also set goals (calories burned and covered steps per day), characteristics reminders inaction (immobility), and "smart" alarm clock.Under "Reminders" set days of the week and working hours, which, for example, are held in the office, as well as the period of time over which the fitness bracelet vibration let me remind you that it's time to move around a little. At setting "smart" clock should indicate not only the days of the week and time of call, and duration of monitoring. For example, the rise was scheduled for 7 am, and the duration of monitoring is 30 minutes. Then, starting from the half 7th, fitness bracelet will monitor the phase of the so-called light sleep and vibrates it, but not later than seven. If the phase of light sleep is not preceded by a revival, "smart" clock work strictly on time.On the home screen, the application registers all user activity for the day, including the level of achievement of objectives and sleep time. Statistics also proposes to estimate how much time is spent moving, but mainly in the phases of sleep, light and deep sleep. In addition, you can view the accumulated data for a day, week or month.On the screen the fitness of the tablet at any time it is easy to see how many steps walked today, what number of calories burned, and sleep duration. For this we need to click on the side button of the apparatus. The swipe your finger down on the main application screen TalkBand synchronizes data with a fitness bracelet.Headset, part of the fitness bracelet TalkBand B1 notifies you of incoming calls and provides an opportunity to answer them. Thus, when an incoming call Bluetooth capsule vibrates and on the OLED screen displays the name or number of the calling client. Fitness bracelet gives you the ability to be continuously in touch not only during exercise. If, for example, the mating smartphone (and it has the ability to be bulky tablet) lies in a purse or briefcase, you can use it to answer calls capsule with a Bluetooth headset more comfortable, even each time removing it from the cradle. Note that if the loss of communication with the apparatus, for example, when moving away from him at a distance of 10 meters, a fitness bracelet will report about it to the owner vibration.

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