Unusual Apple device found on the Internet representation FCC - Cell phones

On the Internet office of the Federal Commission of communications (FCC), the Agency which tests the unit for compliance with local laws - there was a document that describes a new Apple product. As can be seen in the illustration, the device has a rounded body, a USB port and the power button at the bottom.The device is compatible with iBeacon - positioning system indoor use, designed the Apple, but its purpose remains unclear. In the documents it is listed As "Apple iBeacon". The new product has successfully passed inspection by the FCC. As noted, for it needs a power supply with an output voltage of 5 volts and a frequency range of 2, 4 GHz (also used for Wi-Fi).Technology "microlocal", remember, was first presented at the Symposium WWDC in 2013, along with iOS 7. Because that appears in "the seven" support Bluetooth beacons, iBeacon is able to find the location of the person in the room with an accuracy of about 0.5 meter. This Technology, for example, is able to send the buyer a welcome letter when he comes into the store, or to talk about the discount, when he is very close with the advertising stand.The first support iBeacon has provided all retail Apple stores in the USA. Buyers going into the Apple Store, get on your own smartphone push notifications about promotions, product information and sales.According to one version, in the FCC documents reported iBeacon-hub, designed to replace the Bluetooth beacons in the Apple Store third-party periodicaly. Also there is a probability that the Firm wants to produce its own hardware that is compatible with iBeacon, for developers and retailers who would like to apply the "beacon" technology.Still iBeacon remains a niche market. A centralized location where you can choose and buy the sensors of today. And started selling iBeacon-hub, the manufacturer of the i-devices will be able to spur the development of its technologies.Also it cannot be excluded that "exposed" FCC Electronic device is the first device to Apple for a "smart" house. In the past month on WWWDC 2014 Company presented HomeKit - API to control home electronics (appliances, lighting and Bluetooth-lights, alarm, doors, garage Etc) with your iPhone. And a couple weeks later went unverified information that the Company has formed an internal unit that will be responsible for developing hardware products for smart homes. So, it would be logical to assume that Apple continue to develop this area..

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