Overview of Bluetooth smart led lamp Luminous Smart Bulb - Cell phones

For led lamps are the future - they are not only more economical But also more eco-friendly than fluorescent. But what if, in addition to savings, the lighting element would give oversight of on-time, brightness and even light color? This is to make a "smart" led lamp with Bluetooth 4. 0 managed from a smartphone or tablet. Such gadgets released in the last few years most manufacturers, however cheap they aren't - For example, Philips Hue Lux is from 3 000 rubles. Summer LG has announced a similar light bulb price 35 000 won (about 33 us dollars), however, sales in Russia they are not. To us as the test got the device from an unknown Chinese manufacturer named Luminous Smart Bulb-1 290 price RUB.HowThe lamp comes in a simple cardboard box with a clear plastic insert. The information on the package the minimum is not specified the name of the application that is used to control the device. However, when you search for "smart bulb" in Google Play the first string is given it, so no serious issues.The lamp consists of a standard E27 base, ribbed (for added strength and better heat dissipation) aluminum and frosted cap of Plexiglas. Inside the transformer, a Bluetooth module and antenna, the controller Board and the LEDs.Power consumption - 7 watts. Equivalent brightness in watts usual incandescent bulbs manufacturer does not, but subjectively on the highest brightness in the white glow of the lamp looks watt 50 - a little brighter than the 40 watt, slightly dimmer 60-watt.What canLuminous Smart Bulb connects to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4. 0, it is enough to place it in the Chuck and turn on the current. The controller application is available in versions for iOS 6 and above) and Android (4. 3 and above), visually the interface does not differ. Application available manual control of color and brightness, you can also program the lamp, as well as among these groups. For example, it can be preset to turn on "cold", "day" light at the same time with the clock and, conversely, a warm light in the evening with a gradual attenuation of brightness, so that the body was tuned in to sleep.In addition, turning on the music (unfortunately, on Android supports only playback stored on the device tracks), you can cause the lamp to flash to the beat. Finally, there are different presets to change the color and brightness - for example, smooth cyclic change red to blue and back.Why you need toOf course, one such lamp on the farm little confusing - unless in the form of toys. However, buying a set of at least three (i.e. expensive as mediocre chandelier), you can already build a "smart" lighting in a small room like a bedroom (living room lamps, taking into account their indifferent maximum brightness, you will need more).At the same time, there are some minuses. Yes, driving lights from a smartphone, don't have to get out of bed, but on or off requires a lot more effort than pressing a switch. Imagine: you should get a smart phone, unlock it, launch the application (to widget developers hands until not survived) and there has to reach a virtual switch".On the one hand, Smart Bulb is a great way to feel like the owner of the "smart home" today. Reverse - I would like to add device "mind". Yet without additional features, such as presence sensors and illumination of such a system is somewhat limited in functionality. Yes and on a management application would do well to thoroughly work.At the same time, if you lack ideas for original and inexpensive, albeit not the most practical gift, this bulb is fine - the kids from her ecstatic. Ah, Yes. I almost forgot to thank the guys from the shop Medgadgets. EN for granted on a test of the Electronic device..

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