Microsoft fired 18,000 employees - Cell phones

The CEO of Microsoft Sobel about the plans of the world's largest software maker to abandon redundant workers. Such counted 18 000 - about 14% of the entire state. The resignation will become the largest in the history of the Corporation.From 18 000 jobs that are planned to reduce, 13 000 will be eliminated in the next six months, according to a letter Nadella workers. 12, five hundred people will be dismissed From the division of Nokia Devices and Services, which the American Company acquired last year. That is, in the foreseeable future will lose their jobs presumably every other employee of the Department.Microsoft expects additional setrate in the amount of $1, 1bn to $1, 6 billion in connection with the necessity of payment holidays, benefits and other compensation to redundant employees. At the same time, Nadella emphasizes that the planned development of new jobs in other parts of the organization. This, Clearly, is due to the upcoming implementation of the new strategy of the organization, that her head was announced a week ago.First major "cleaning" Microsoft conducted in early 2009, at the peak of the economic slump. Then lost his job 5 800 people..

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