Researchers: gyro smartphone gives you the opportunity to listen to the host - Cell phones

It seems that "Big Brother" users of modern smartphones can not escape. It turns out, to hear the human voice, you can simply reading oscillations with built-in smartphone gyroscope.An unusual way of listening found Experts on computer security from Stanford University in cooperation with their Israeli colleagues. It should be noted that it is still recognized as "removable" with gyroscopes speech extremely low, in the speech of users able to hear only a few words. Not always possible to separate one person's voice from another, and the sex of the speaker can only guess in 84 percent of cases.Anyway, some practical use of the new technology is already At the present time. For example, listening smartphone hackers have the ability to easily hear the called user numbers. So, attackers have the opportunity to learn passwords, credit card numbers and so on. The researchers plan to improve the recognition algorithms so that it can be heard not less clearly.The gyro is present in all modern smartphones sensor that determines the position of the device in space. It is responsible for the fact that the image on the screen turns the once you turn your smartphone. The gyro is a small vibrating plate that transmits data to a special chip. This plate is also able to detect sound vibrations in separate frequency bands, not completely coincide with the range of human speech..

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