Chrome for Android has started to give answers in the search hints - Cell phones

In the mobile Chrome browser for the Android platform has emerged is an experimental feature that provides instant answers as you type a question into the search box. They appear in the menu autocomplete, where Google offers different types of queries. So, you can see the weather, historical dates, and other useful data.The new feature is not that useful against the assistant Google Now. Anyway, she will be able to be at hand when the user wants to get a quick fact about something, without switching to another application and not waiting for page load issue.Instant Answers while working in test mode. To enable them, you need to run Chrome on your mobile phone, enter Chrome: //flags in a new tab, find the "Answers in sentences" (Answers Suggest in), click on the drop-down list and select "On" (Enabled). Will the new feature, standard, unknown..

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