Apple secretly bought the book service BookLamp - Cell phones

Apple seems to be preparing for upgrading to win a protracted war with Amazon in the market of electronic books. Anonymous sources told TechCrunch that the Company from Cupertino has acquired startup BookLamp, specialized on automatic analysis of books.The source told reporters that BookLamp extremely important for Apple because the Company wants to strengthen its place in the market of electronic literature. The main product BookLamp is a platform for automatic analysis of text the user has liked the books, following which it will be recommended to the reading of the most relevant works.After a request correspondents in Apple revealed the fact of agreement, however, to disclose any additional data would not. Sources in the organization stressed that the purchase sum amounted to about 10-15 million dollars.First of BookLamp led dialogues on sale with Amazon, but they did not succeed, in the end, Amazon chose to purchase a "social" book project GoodReads. The specialists underline that after the acquisition of BookLamp Apple may engage in active efforts to increase sales of e-books. New technology has the ability to be applied, for example, for the introduction of iBooks e-shop, which will have the ability to automatically recommend the works.BookLamp is actively engaged in the Analytics market e-books, predicting the likely value of sales of different works, the categorization of books and so forth. All this can also help the organization from Cupertino to improve their portrait services.Remember that with the e-books case at Apple were far from smooth. Recently, the company was fined nearly half a billion dollars for collusion with the major book publishers, aimed at inflated prices on e-books..

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