Iran will track every user of the Internet - Cell phones

Iran is known for its initiatives to limit freedom on the Internet, but they are concerned mostly just blocking certain web site. Now in the Islamic Republic want to go further, building a system of personal identification of each Internet user in the country."in the near future, all citizens who want to use the Internet, will be identified and will not be a single person online, whose identity we do not know," said the Minister of telecommunications Mahmud of Visi. How to work the system and when it will be launched, the official explained. So the government wants users no longer post or read unlawful material, because they will not be able to do it anonymously.The Iranian authorities have a hope to implement a "smart" automatically filters that will clean from the Network any unlawful content with the greatest speed. This system will be able to quickly remove the objectionable from the perspective of the Iranian government material without blocking the entire site.The system must be running for the last 10 months. Recall that even in 2012, the leadership of Iran was trying to build a system that makes authenticate all users connecting to the network from the Internet cafe and using public Wi-Fi. Currently in the country banned from Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and many other social services, online representations and applications..

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