Case with built-in printer will turn the smartphone into a "Polaroid" - Cell phones

French startup Prynt actively working on creating a cover for your smartphone, which will give you the ability to instantly print photos. The owner will be able to quickly share with friends real tangible photos.In this case with built-in printer is not required to be expensive. As was pointed out by the head start Clement Perrault, the device will cost buyers only $ 99. The project plans to go to Kickstarter in January next year.Prynt develop a version of the cover under different versions of flagship smartphones from 4-inch devices like the iPhone 5s to tabletop, such as Galaxy Note and iPhone 6 Plus. The Firm also develops its own application, which will give you the opportunity to turn a printed pictures in the augmented reality objects.For example, taking a picture of your smiling friends on the app from Prynt, you'll record and video that will be uploaded to the "cloud" server. After that point your smartphone camera at photo paper, you'll see that the picture comes alive - into your recorded video..

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