Gadgets for the week: pocket power station to the unmanned KAMAZ - Cell phones

From unmanned KAMAZ managed electronically, and " Wi-Fi router in the future to pocket power station, capable dozen times to charge the smartphone, and an innovative battery with double the capacity - all of the most interesting phones, announcements and reviews of last week in the Saturday selection From the News. Hi-tech.KAMAZ without driverThe Russian automaker KAMAZ together with the company-developer of IT solutions Cognitive Technologies decided to make a truck that can Move without a driver. The project partners long-term - 1st "unmanned" truck they hope to release in 2025. Machine will have the opportunity to work in all weather conditions (except for defined traffic rules as rules low visibility), while recognizing pedestrians and other vehicles, road signs and traffic light signals.Total expenditure for the development and serial production of unmanned "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogoghin estimated at 17 to 18 billion rubles. While KAMAZ offers the state to act as a co-investor of the project. Cognitive Technologies already received for study of science in the field of machine vision about 300 million rubles from the Ministry of education and science.Read more about the project we wrote here."Pocket power for iPhoneGerman startup eZelleron collects funds for the release of "pocket power" Kraftwerk. It has the necessary amount of energy to recharge the iPhone up to eleven times. In organizations state that portable battery uses fuel cells running on liquid gas.Dressed Kraftwerk using cylinders for gas lighters (butane) or gas cartridges for camping - they are easy to find on sale and they are not very expensive. As soon as the "tank" of the station is full, it remains only to connect your mobile device via a USB port. Kraftwerk will save from resetcapability". It allows you to charge smartphones, tablets, cameras, iPods and other gadgets anywhere and in any weather conditions. In Germany, the device has already received the approval of averagescore, and this means, it is possible to carry in the cabin of the aircraft.New version Raspbbery PIThe firm Raspberry Pi Foundation has released the second generation of "microcomputer" Raspberry Pi, consisting of a single Board. Is a mini-PC is the same as the previous model (B), is $ 35, but his performance was increased at least 6 times". According to the head of the organization of Eben Upton, based on single-Board PC is the processor Broadcom BCM2836 with Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 (clock frequency of 900 MHz), which has been developed over 2 years. RAM was doubled to 1 GB.Ultrashiny computer supports OpenGL ES 2. 0 and is able to display video in Full HD at 30 frames per second. Equipped with a Raspberry Pi 2 four USB ports, HDMI and 3, 5-millimeter audio input." Bare PC comes in the form of payment, the corps had not. External device such as a mouse or keyboard connected through the USB port. The size of the computer is little more than a deck of playing cards.Microsoft managed to declare That buyers mini PC will receive a free license for the Windows version 10, which supports Raspberry Pi 2". because this version of the operating system, not reported, but it is likely to be reduced in comparison with a full "ten". Details of the Company promised to announce over the coming months.Learn about what can the computer for $ 35, you can in our review.Smartphone laboratory for HIV diagnostikiBioingenieria from Columbia University in new York has developed a device that is similar to the key-cap, which turns ordinary smartphone into a real laboratory for the diagnosis of such diseases as HIV and syphilis. To be checked, a person just need to make yourself a painless injection built-in key microglia. The rest of the work will hold a so-called lab-on-chip.The new system developed by the new York scientists, uses a disposable plastic cartridge filled with reagents for detection of antibodies to HIV and treponemal-specific antibodies to syphilis, and non-treponemal antibodies to active infection with syphilis. The result will be displayed fifteen minutes after analysis.The researchers claim That the device can replace the traditional method of testing for markers of the disease, which is a technology named enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, requiring the use of equipment price more $18 thousand. with regard to accessory for your smartphone that can replace all this equipment, the Price of its production developers appreciate just $34.Battery twice the capacityStartup SolidEnergy created a simple and, on assurances of developers, effective way to double the battery capacity. The increase in battery capacity is achieved through the use of ultra-thin lithium anode. The thickness of the lithium layer of copper to five times lower than those currently used everywhere analogues with a graphite layer. Also the new technology makes the battery is not more explosive. So, they fully operate at elevated temperatures (this allows less to worry about the heat of the processor).More importantly - for the production of batteries, a new type does not require the construction of new plants. Quite simple retrofitting of existing lines. The startup has signed a contract with Google to provide battery new type of modular smartphone Project Ara.The production of batteries for mobile devices developed SolidEnergy technology on a commercial scale, expected to begin in 2016. A year later the new battery type will reach machines.Wi-Fi router comingStartup Eero showed a new Electronic device, which is obliged to refuse all of the disadvantages of modern Wi-Fi routers. It will give the opportunity to defend himself appears in the house of the dead zone signal, long buffering and increase network security. This configuration will handle any even literally inexperienced user.A small device Eero working at the same time, router, repeater and range extender. The cable connects only one of the devices, which performs the functions of the router. The remaining blocks are connected To it over the air and create productive wireless network.Using a special mobile application, the user can control all aspects of system operation of the routers. It can automatically connect to Wi-Fi, to see how many devices connected to the network and how much bandwidth does each of them. Electronic device automatically installs the updates and improvements that enhance the stability of the system.Read more about the new product we have written here.Fitness tracker LifeTrak Brite R450Electronic Device LifeTrak Brite R450 is not only a fitness bracelet, but also a little "smart watch". in addition, the built-in light sensor can monitor the number of blue light, which has an impact on the health of the user. The device is able to calculate the number of calories burned, distance traveled, number of steps, gives you quick access to notifications from your smartphone.Electronic device LifeTrak Brite R450 is a kind of hybrid fitness bracelet and a smart watch, for, in addition to tracking standard parameters, including, for example, the number of calories burned, distance traveled, number of steps and so on, it can receive notifications From your smartphone. The obvious advantage of the new gadget is that it does not require regular recharging and can be up to six months to work in offline mode. Other models LifeTrak it is distinguished not only updated, "round" appearance, but also the sensor of blue light, "smart" alarms and receive notifications from your smartphone.Read the link for the full review LifeTrak Brite R450 from the News. High-tech.Tablet with rotating camera Ultima 7 TwistThe main "chip" of the new tablet Wexler. Ultima 7 Twist was rotating the photo module, which can be used not only as the main, but also front-facing camera. In addition, in Ultima 7 Twist conversational dynamics, proximity sensor and slots for the SIM card, allows you to make and receive voice calls as a normal mobile phone.As for the quality of the camera itself and the performance of the processor, the tablet is not the record holder. To learn more about the device from our review..

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