Australian music service Guvera will start in RF Cell phones

With November in Russia starts the operation of the service Guvera to listen to music in streaming mode. According to "Vedomosti", the official presentation of the project will be held in the Russian capital in a month - November 13.The firm, founded in 2008, Austrian, working in more than 20 countries around the world. Its services are "millions" of people (exact number not specified). Currently Guvera began to actively expand into fresh markets, and among them Russian. In addition, not so long ago she signed a contract with Lenovo, according to which music service is preinstalled on all mobile products, Chinese manufacturer.Listen to music in Guvera you free of charge, subject of advertisements. Users who pay a subscription, it shuts off. In Australia the cost of unlimited access to the service is eleven, 99 dollars. The price for Russian users until not disclosed.In the Russian Federation Guvera will face strong competition. Here a strong position on the market of online music has taken such services as iTunes, Zvooq, " Yandex. Music", Etc. in Addition, according to the newspaper, at the beginning of next year in Russia must be run Spotify, popular in EU and USA..

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