The Facebook users questioned Mark Zuckerberg - Cell phones

The Creator of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg held a public session of questions and answers, which told all that interested in social networks users. Why are people forced to move in Messenger, whether Facebook "cool" and why is it always the same t-shirt?Why Facebook is forcing people to go on Messenger?First, the founder of Facebook was asked about the sensational transition to the Messenger. Remember, more recently, social network removed from the mobile application Facebook the ability to maintain correspondence, forcing to download a separate client for chat."We did it, because sure, it will be easier. The correspondence is extremely significant part of life. The mobile application can do well something. Facebook is the most important, news. However, people increasingly communicate, send a day for 10 billion messages. They had to wait until the application has loaded, select a specific menu item. To get people to install another application is a painful but short-lived process. If We wish to provide a service of great quality, we need specialized tools.How the movie "the Social network" reflects the fact that in reality happened in life?Sensational film David Fincher was some time ago, a real cinematic event, receiving many awards. However, Zuckerberg himself never approved of the picture. It did not change yourself and this time, noting that the movie is very small extent reflects the history of the creation of Facebook."Watch the movie as if my life was, of course, very Interesting. However, he has very little connection with reality. Needless to say, to show how I write code and create a product that is steep enough lesson for the movie, for this reason they are very much has invented and embellished. If it was a real story of Facebook, they'd have to shoot, as I spent two hours sitting and program".Mark seemed mortified that the movie showed, if he started to create Facebook to meet girls, noting that even then he met Priscilla Chan, who then became his wife: "If that were true, my relationships never would be successful.".

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