On Apple sued for non-delivery messages iMessage - Cell phones

U.S. Federal court took the message from the former owner of the smartphone Apple of adrianne Moore, after changing the iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy S5 began to experience problems with receiving SMS on the same mobile phone number. Claim message was submitted in may and soon rejected. Anyway, the other day district judge Lucy Koh still recognized the validity of the complaint and gave her the green light.Moore claims that the inability of its Android smartphone to accept messages contrary to the agreement with a mobile operator, and Apple violates the laws on consumer rights and unfair competition.In the spring (when the claim was rejected) the manufacturer is to blame for the non-delivery of SMS to Moore. First, it did not declare Apple that is no longer use my iPhone, but the Company never promised that iMessage automatically recognizes the user navigates to a new device". in addition, then, Moore has made to suit the contract, which would say something about the fact that the operator guarantee the delivery of each text message.This time Moore, Clearly, has provided the necessary documents. Also probably was caused by the fact that before Apple admitted there were errors on the server side, which did not allow consumers to opt out from iMessage and remove the binding of the rooms to the service.Remember that this week Apple launched a new service that allows you to delete your phone number from the database iMessage. Before the only reliable method to leave the service and to guarantee the reception of SMS was to contact the customer support organization before you abandon the iPhone..

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