China will create a Fund to support start-UPS to $6, 5 billion Mobile phones

The Chinese government will establish a venture capital Fund aimed at supporting organizations that work in new industries such As high technology and clean energy production. As informs Reuters, the amount of money of $ 40 billion yuan, or nearly 6, 5 billion dollars.The Agency emphasizes that the venture capital market in China remains underdeveloped, largely due to the fact that the local economy for decades was based on planning and administrative measures. Anyhow, analysis Zero21PO Capital, in the first part of 2014 in China was established 83 new venture capital Fund and venture capital investment increased by 157% compared with 2013) It is determined at a modest $6, 76 billion, but continues to grow.In the last few years, the PRC government encourages the development of venture investment market. Last month, for example, the regulators for the first time has allowed insurance companies to invest premiums collected in venture capital funds.A new Fund that has the ability to be generated for one week, will be financed at the expense of the country, as well as funds of private investors..

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