Apple shifted the payment of taxes to the Russian users of Mobile phones

ITunes SARL is a subsidiary organization Apple changed the user agreement relating translated into electronic form purchases in the online store. Under the new rules, the responsibility for payment of all due taxes now paid by the client, and not Apple."You are responsible for All tax obligations in the Russian Federation. All payments payable iTunes, are made without taking into account all applicable taxes, reported in a superior document. Part of the store, remember, is not only the iTunes Store with movies and music, but also the App Store for apps and iBooks Store for e-books.According to "Izvestia", the first value of the content For users from Russia consisted of taxes, and the Treaty For the EU countries have not changed. For them, any taxes and duties applicable at the time of purchase, is already accounted for in the total cost of the goods.Print edition links the decision of Apple to the fact that not So long ago the head of the Russian Federation centuries Putin blesed the proposal of the Ministry of communications on the introduction of a 10 percent tax from sales of licenses for computer software for payment of import substitution of foreign software. In addition, they say, "Izvestia", the government is preparing a project that will give the possibility to levy VAT foreign organizations providing telecommunications services to Russian consumers. Thus, the manufacturer of the i-device wants to defend VAT and 10% collection support Fund import substitution..

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