Flickr has posted millions of historical illustrations - Cell phones

The employees of the organization Internet Archive downloaded for free millions of images, re-compiled from old books. For this we developed a special algorithm, wyceniamy and crop images. Base images have the opportunity besprepjatstvenno to apply all Interested.Just on Flickr is downloaded 14 million images (at the time of this writing, the Internet Archive had to download about 3 million). Automatic scanning algorithm was developed by the American academician Kalev Leetaru ON their own crops, smoothes and cleans the image. Each illustration added accompanying text, which gives the opportunity to carry out a full search.In the uploaded photo gallery, you can discover a lot of amazing images from antique maps and illustrations To medical references to images from erotic magazines hundred years ago. Each picture, added a reference to the book in which it is located, and the page number. The book is also available in free access.Put the images are dated 1500-1922 years. More recent work have the opportunity to be limited to copyrights. The development of such archives will help, for example, the editors of Wikipedia, who will get ample opportunities of illustrating articles on historical topics..

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