Sony decided not to shoot a biopic about Steve Jobs - Cell phones

Sony dropped the plans for the film-biography on the life of co-founder of Apple Steve jobs. About this was announced in a few weeks once withdrew from the project applicant for the lead role of Christian bale.According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film rights to the books of Walter Isaacson's Steve jobs (Steve Jobs: A Biography) is the first and only biography, approved during life by the founder of Apple, have the opportunity to be sold to other studios. Among them is called universal Pictures, however, official confirmation of this information until not received.It was planned that the film biography will consist of three half-hour scenes from different periods of the life of Steve jobs. Each of them was supposed to tell about what happened backstage before the presentation of key products Apple: Macintosh computer (1984), NeXT (1988) and iPod (2001).Senari to the tape already posted by Aaron Sorkin and Director had to be Danny Boyle. On the role of other co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, was predicted to Seth Rogen. Also one of the roles could be played by Michael Fassbender.Oposlya, how from the project eliminated the bale, it became clear that shooting biographical film postponed indefinitely. Most actors wait was not able, as already involved in other films. According to sources HR, Boyle was necessary to begin production of "jobs" in January, as in line he delivered another project, and Fassbender in the spring obliged to participate in the filming of the sci-Fi Thriller "the citizens of the X-men: Apocalypse"..

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