Apple has updated Mac OS x without the knowledge of users of Mobile phones

In order to protect Mac users from hacker attacks, Firm Apple for the first time "no demand" has installed the security update on their computers. Before any updates require confirmation from the host computer.Automatic updates protects any "poppies" from not so long ago discovered vulnerabilities CVE - 2014 - 9295 that affects all OSes family of OS X, and Linux or Unix." The hole was discovered in the NTP Protocol providing synchronization of computer clocks. It allows an attacker to gain remote supervision system.Authorized Apple told reporters that the update is installed entirely on its own and does not even require a PC reboot. Experts, However, the stress associated with such an operation risk if the update will unintentionally slip error, remote auto update time can make tens of million computers unusable.When will the user may deprive Apple of possibilities without the demand to Install it on the new computer. To do this in the system settings you should go to "App Store" and in the options automatic updates to uncheck "Install system files and security updates". You have to understand that you make the computer more vulnerable To cyber attacks..

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